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Why you should hire a professional service after fire damage

A fire in your home or business is a life changing and dangerous experience. Following a fire, many times the victims first react by determining to clean up their home or business.

That's a mistake.

Before you consider attacking the problem yourself, reach out instead to a professional fire damage restoration company.

There are several reasons why this is the best option, why West Tennessee Restoration is the best choice, and why it's the first thing you should do...


The first reason you should call West Tennessee Restoration is because it is a very dangerous process to clean up after a fire. The damaged area likely features broken glass, sharp objects, exposed wiring, airborne particles, and a variety of other dangers that may be difficult or impossible to identify. When you call West Tennessee Restoration, our professionals are well trained in all aspects of fire damage clean up and restoration. We have the proper equipment and training to safely clear the area.


Another reason why West Tennessee Restoration should do the job is due to regulation procedures. Your local community may require specific methods for clean up and disposal. In most cases, normal trash and dumpster service is prohibited. Fire damage clean up is highly regulated and should be handled by professionals.


Another advantage of working with West Tennessee Restoration is we can often restore or recommend restoration of many items you may consider destroyed. Our clean up crew will review your belongings damaged by fire and determine what can be salvaged. This may include flooring, furniture, appliances, etc.


West Tennessee Restoration is well versed in working with insurance companies to make the restoration process quick and simple. Having restored hundreds of homes over the years, there is no situation we haven't seen, dealt with, and finished positively.

Call us at West Tennessee Restoration. (731) 660-9090 or (901) 395-3466.

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