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When selfies go bad & WTR is called to the rescue

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Hey ya'll look at my new gu---POW oops.

The phone call after the selfie went awry.

While most all of our calls are from folks who are dealing with fire, smoke, water, wind, or mold damage...we do on occasion get the slightly different call. This was one of them.

A local apartment complex owner called us to say one of their tenants had decided to show off his new pistol by taking a selfie with it. But the overenthusiastic gun owner failed to realize the safety was off and POW - things got very real very quick.

Fortunately no one was hurt. The damage was to the mirror, wall, and adjacent wall and plumbing.

The bullet passed through the mirror, the wall, and into the adjacent wall, as well as the interior plumbing. The result was a broken mirror, wall damage, and ultimately plumbing and water damage as well.

West Tennessee Restoration's crew took care of the physical damage....the apartment owner handled things with the selfie taker. All is well. Call us anytime with issues from the regular to the bizarre...and we're here to help, at (731) 660-9090.

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