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When renters leave a stinky mess.

As an owner of rental property, you know that sometimes a renter can leave a mess that ultimately you are responsible for cleaning before the property can be rented again.

This is a frustrating, time consuming problem that must be addressed.

At West Tennessee Restoration, our professional crew determines what damage has occurred, and oversees any repairs that are required as well as clean-up. Odors are especially problematic.

Completely removing unpleasant odors can be challenging, but our professionals have the equipment and experience to handle the task.


A top to bottom cleaning of a property goes a long way in removing odors. This involves clearing any damaged items, trash or debris that could be causing a smell. This could be carpeting or furniture. Surfaces will need to be disinfected. Bacterial growth, mold and mildew may be an issue. The property's walls, baseboards, counter-tops, floors, and other surfaces will need to be addressed.


Opening windows also helps remove odors, but mother nature needs to cooperate as rainy weather would only allow even more moisture to penetrate the property causing even more problems. We have equipment designed to help quick dry water damaged properties that can be used to assist here.


There are several options available that can help assist in the deodorizing process, including chemical options. We have multiple sources that provide us with answers to specific odor problems that can be attached in a scientific manner as well.

If you have properties that you oversee that are occasionally mistreated by tenants, leaving you with a job you'd rather not tackle. Call us at West Tennessee Restoration. (731) 660-9090 or (901) 395-3466.

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