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What's the difference in clean water, dirty water, and black water damage?

Clean water damage is more dangerous the longer it sits. Call West Tennessee Restoration immediately after the leak or flooding has occurred.

What's the difference in clean water, dirty water, and black water damage?

Clean water damage is classified as excess water in your home or business that is free of microorganisms. This type of damage usually includes leaks from plumbing fixtures or appliances. While the initial damage isn't a health hazard, ignoring it can result in mold or mildew growth that can affect your health. Clean water damage should be managed before mildew or mold growth begins. If the damage was extensive and absorbed into surrounding materials, the water likely affected its composition as well. West Tennessee Restoration is a professional clean-up and restoration company, specializing in these types situations.

Dirty water damage occurs when water containing microorganisms or other hazardous contaminants that can immediately cause negative health effects through contact or inhaling airborne water particles. The most common dirty water damage occurs when sump pump and toilet disperse contaminated water into your home or business. This can also occur from neighboring homes or businesses when their water enters your structure as well. Each circumstance is different, but dealing with dirty water is not something you should consider undertaking. West Tennessee Restoration's trained staff specializes in clean-up and restoration of these scenarios.

Black water damage is the most severe of the three. This type of water contains contaminants including microorganisms, sewage waste, as well as human or chemical waste. This type of water is highly dangerous and clean up should never be attempted by an amateur. Mold, microorganisms and toxins can result in a long list of reactions from allergies and exposure. West Tennessee Restoration has years of experience in dealing with this type of emergency situation and can handle the problem from start to finish.

Water damage is more than just a hindrance and a structural aggressor, it also features very serious health consequences that must be taken into consideration. Call West Tennessee Restoration at (731) 660-9090 or (901) 395-3466 for immediate expert help.

Dirty water and Black water are the two worst scenarios, with water containing serious health issue contaminants.

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