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Water Damaged Ceilings: more going on than you think.

There's a lot more going on here than you realize.

Even if your ceiling doesn't look terrible right now, it won't take much water to create all sorts or problems!

Potential Problems

The most obvious result of a roof leak is a compromised ceiling due to damaged rafters, joists, wall framing or trim.

A constant leak (even unseen) causes wet wood that leads to deterioration, rot, and mold.


Water leaks can also destroy the insulation in the attic area, resulting in higher utility bills as well. When standard insulation becomes saturated, the insulating properties are diminished.

If a roof leak is put off for a long period of time, a multitude of problems can arise.

If you choose to simply paint or cover up the damage, the problem isn't going away, trust us.

Call West Tennessee Restoration, and our experienced professionals will be able to determine the cause of the leak and suggest the best solutions.

So don’t ignore any signs of water damage anywhere in your home or business!

Water damage is more than just a hindrance and a structural aggressor, it also features very serious health consequences that must be taken into consideration. Call West Tennessee Restoration at (731) 660-9090 or (901) 395-3466 for immediate expert help.

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