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Real dangers of sewage backup

Serious health consequences from sewage water

There are 3 Common Causes of Home Sewer Backups:

  1. A Clog. Just like your drain pipes, your main sewer line can become clogged, which can cause sewage backups in your home.

  2. Tree Roots. Another common cause of home sewer backups is tree roots.

  3. Broken or Collapsed Sewer Lines.

A sewage backup on your property creates unpleasant odors of course, but also several unhealthy living conditions that could place your family in danger.

Raw or untreated sewage contains a huge variety of parasites, bacteria, and viruses that can be transmitted by exposure.

The most common forms of sewage exposure include:

  • Contact— simply touching contaminated water could lead to infections and/or rashes.

  • Ingestion— the accidental ingestion of material cause anything from nausea to abdominal pain to vomiting and diarrhea.

  • Inhalation—Sewage overflow can create accelerated mold growth, which could result in mold spores, that once inhaled, can sometimes cause severe allergic reactions or other infections.

What can you do?

First, simply minimizing you and your family’s exposure to the contaminated area is controllable and obvious. After a sewage backup has been detected, just keep them from the affected area, as well as any items that may have come in contact with the sewage water.

Second, call West Tennessee Restoration to send in their experts to professionally handle the situation. Call West Tennessee Restoration at (731) 660-9090 or (901) 395-3466 for immediate expert help.

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