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Mold - what to watch FOUR! (the 4 hints you have mold issues)

Not all mold is this easy to see!

The word 'mold' is something you never want to hear as a homeowner. Of course we are all aware that mold can be dangerous, but when it comes to specifics of 'why' - things get a little complicated. Following are four things to look for in your home. If you find any of them, call us immediately at WTRestoration...we have experts who know how to identify, eradicate, and help prevent future mold issues.

1. You smell something unusual. Remember that smell you get when clothes are left in the washer a little too long, a musty, moldy scent? If you begin to detect that smell in other parts of your home, well, that's not normal and we should investigate it.

2. Have you had a basement flood? If so, there's a pretty good chance your home has some mold issues. You can use the smell test in the basement, but there are some molds that don't feature the tell-tale smell label. Mold can grow inside your drywall, so it's also likely it isn't even visible to the naked eye. An inspection would be best.

3. Do your windows tend to develop condensation during the summer, and/or fog over in the winter? These are also indicators of high moisture content in your home...the perfect scenario for mold growth.

4. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. Experts agree that the most dangerous type of molds are those that go unseen. Mold can be growing in your air conditioning unit, the duct work, or inside your walls. Since most of these molds aren't seen or detected by smell, they can be the most hazardous for your family. d. In most cases, hidden molds can be discerned not by eye but by the stale odor or the

At West Tennessee Restoration, our technicians can check your walls, carpets, ceiling tiles, wood, HVAC systems, insulation and drywall as they are all possible growth surfaces/areas. Mold can begin to grow within 48 hours of damp conditions and if left unchecked.

Have you noticed that your family members have been suffering from what you thought were seasonal allergies, or a cold, or the flu? It is entirely possible their diagnosis has been missed and the real culprit is a mold issue at home. Call us for an inspection. Remember: we're here to help, at (731) 660-9090.

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