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Did the ice storm do more damage than you can see?

West Tennessee weather is always a rollercoaster. And when you add in freezing rain, sleet, and snow, that ride is no longer amusing.

Winters like the one we're experiencing now can cause roof damage.

Here are some signs that something is amiss with your roof.

Curled, lifted, or bent shingles

During the freeze-then-thaw cycle, water can find its way beneath your shingles. The water freezes and expands, leading to shingles lifting just a bit. When this occurs multiple times, the gap expands. Over time, you see shingles that appear curled, lifted, or bent. Shingles not providing proper coverage, often results in a leaking roof.

Ice Dams

Since we don't get frozen precipitation as often as northern states, most homeowners aren't familiar with ice dams, and why they're not a good thing. Basically, an ice dam occurs when the gutter fills with frozen precipitation, which melts, then refreezes, and has nowhere to go. If you have icicles forming beneath your gutter, you likely have an ice dam. Ice dams also often result in a leaking roof.

Roof damage due to poor insulation/ventilation

If your attic has insulation and/or ventilation problems, your roof will pay the price. Since your attic isn't the same temperature as outdoors, condensation, frozen water, and mold issues may develop. Proper insulation and proper ventilation around the area immediately beneath your roof is critical for a healthy roof system.

When to call us.

It is wise to call us before you begin to see roof leak problems, especially after severe weather...even winter weather events. Our team can inspect your roof, gutters, and attic to be sure you have a properly protected and sustainable roof system. Call us today to schedule an appointment. If we find any issues, we can arrange to have them repaired, and yes we deal daily with insurance companies when applicable. We may also suggest preventative steps to be taken to avoid future problems.

As a homeowner, it is prudent to have your home prepared for weather an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Call West Tennessee Restoration today at (731) 660-9090 or (901) 395-3466.

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Jun 07, 2022

Ice storms can damage to a great extent, that's the slant roofs are made in areas where there is snowy weather whole year. If you are living in such a location then contact a roof repair expert and ask them to make such type of roofs for you.

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