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What happens if water damage isn't handled ASAP!

When water damage happens, it's a serious deal. Water damage can occur many different ways: rain, flooding, plumbing, poor property engineering, sewer issues, etc. Water doesn't just dry up and go away, lots of damage occurs during that process. If water issues aren't handled right away, here's what can happen:


Flood waters may also contain contaminants such as bacteria, sewage, fungi, or chemical pollutants. Flood water tends to be dirty, and aside from the dirt and mud, there are lots of potential biohazard issues to consider. Even after the water levels have receded, and drying begins to occur, microscopic dangers may exist which could become very serious health problems.


Untreated water damage will negatively affect the value of your home. Sooner or later, a real estate appraisal will discover the damage and lower the property value, resulting in less interest from potential buyers as well.


Outlets, electrical wiring, and electric panels exposed to water can not only result in future fire hazards, but fatal electrical risks as well. These issues need to be inspected and repaired properly.


Anytime the wooden substructure of your home is exposed to water damage, the water is absorbed into the wood, creating a haven for mold and rot. The presence of mold is a health risk, and the floor and wall construction is weakened as well. This can result in sagging floors, warped walls, and a rapidly deteriorating substructure.


A large variety of insects love water and damp conditions. Eggs are laid, they hatch and suddenly your home is infested with insects spreading diseases and bacteria.

If you think there may be some overdue water damage in your home or business, and you need clean-up, odor removal, and repair, call us at West Tennessee Restoration. Every moment you wait is doing damage. Call today! (731) 660-9090 or (901) 395-3466.

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