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Hundreds of Tennessee residents face the difficulties of wondering what to do after fire damages their homes. The destruction caused by fire and smoke, along with the emotional trauma, is enough to try any homeowner's mettle.

Aside from the personal toll, homeowners also have to deal with the costs that damage created by even small fires require.

Dealing with their insurance company, determining the value of lost possessions, find a temporary place for the family to stay and more makes this unexpected crisis stressful.

While the immediate damage of a fire is mostly obvious, with charred wood, cracked smoked windows, structural damage, burned flooring, fried wiring, plumbing damage, etc...the 'invisible damage' is even more troubling. Additional damage caused by the smoke, soot, and ash is pervasive and continues to spread long after the fire is over. The chemicals within smoke, soot, and ash literally eats away at any surface it touches, posing further health risks to family members. Toxic residue caused by the fumes of furniture, fabrics, and other materials can be even more dangerous than the blaze itself.

West Tennessee Restoration offers expert fire and smoke assistance. When disaster strikes, you can confidently turn to West Tennessee Restoration to handle the complete restoration of your property. We can help mitigate the fire and smoke damage quickly and efficiently allowing you to soon return to your home during this difficult time.

West Tennessee Restoration's techs are certified professionals whose primary goal is to get you back into your home or business ASAP, while advising and informing you during the process. We're here to help, at (731) 660-9090 or (901) 395-3466.

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