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Candles in your home? Nearly 25 house fires PER DAY are caused by candles.

Candles may be pretty, but can be dangerous!

Candles are an obvious source of fires. In fact, over a 4 year period (2012-2016) fire departments responded to over 32,000 home fires that were started by candles. The fires resulted in nearly 400 deaths, over 2,500 injuries, and millions of dollars in property damage. Of those candle causing fires...almost 40% started with a candle in the bedroom.

Experts say fire victims report they just forgot, fell asleep, and the candle continued to burn unsupervised.

Oftentimes candles in the bedroom are located with flammable objects nearby such as tissue boxes, curtains, or books.

What can you do to prevent this from happening in your home? Watch this video for several eye opening tips:

When your home or business is affected by fire, not only is it a severe loss, but the next step requires finding proper guidance and support to save as much as possible after the fire and smoke damage has occurred. West Tennessee Restoration's techs are certified professionals whose primary goal is to get you back into your home or business ASAP, while advising and informing you during the process. We're here to help, at (731) 660-9090.

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